iPads for Students

KCU recognizes that, in order for you to be successful now and in the future, access to academic resources are critical, especially in regard to technology. Therefore, all KCU students are provided with an iPad to make accessing information faster and easier than ever before.

Before the first day of class, make sure to set up your iPad using the guide below. If you have any questions, please contact the KCU IT Helpdesk at 816-654-7700 or

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Do I get to choose between an iPad and an iPad mini?
A. No, you’ll receive an iPad during orientation, which will be used throughout you time at KCU.

Q. I received an iPad as part of the COB program. Do I get another iPad when I enter the COM program?
A. No, KCU students receive one iPad throughout their academic term at KCU even if they graduated from the COB program.    

Q. Can I keep my iPad after graduation?
A. Yes, upon graduation, you may keep your iPad. If you withdraw or are dismissed for any reason, you must return the iPad to KCU.

Q. Will the iPads come with cases and keyboards?
A. No, you may purchase cases and keyboards that meet you personal needs. However, the iPads do include power adaptors and cables.

Q. Can I customize (choose the color) of the iPad?
A. No, all iPads provided by KCU will be the same for your graduating class.

Q. What, if anything, will be installed on the tablets?
A. Every iPad includes the standard built-in apps provided by Apple. KCU does not install any additional apps automatically. You must purchase and/or download additional apps.

Q. Will I receive upgraded iPads as technology progresses?
A. No. Your iPad is intended to last for the duration of your KCU education. KCU will not upgrade or replace iPads as new models become available.

Q. What happens if my iPad breaks or is lost? Does KCU replace/fix them?
A. You are responsible for the maintenance of your iPad and should contact Apple Support or a local Apple Store if it breaks rather than contacting the IT Helpdesk for assistance. All iPads are covered by AppleCare+, which covers accidental damage. KCU will not generate an AppleCare claim for your iPad. Replacing a lost iPad is your responsibility and loaner units are not available. Immediately record your iPad serial number in a safe place, as KCU is not able to provide this for a police report or any other reason.

Q. What if I don’t want an iPad? Can I refuse it? Sell it?
A. You may neither sell nor refuse iPads. There is an expectation that you’ll be using the iPad as part of the curriculum, including taking tests, in order to reduce paper waste on campus. It is important to remember that the iPad does not become your property until they graduate. KCU graduates may keep their iPads or sell them according to desire.

Q. Will all tests be taken on the iPad?
A. The majority of exams will be taken using the iPad.

Q. Will there still be financial aid adjustment for computers?
A. Yes, there is a financial aid adjustment that can be used to purchase a computer. You are still required to own a laptop for KCU purposes, as some tests cannot yet be taken using an iPad.

Q. Can the IT Helpdesk answer questions for me about my iPad?
A. Our IT Helpdesk staff members are highly educated about using iPads and can assist you with accessing KCU technology and resources. If you have questions about using the iPad for non-academic needs, please visit the local Apple Stores for assistance.