What is the Match?

The residency match is an application and selection process by which graduates and current fourth-year medical students investigate institutions for potential residency and fellowship positions.  

Likewise, the institutions are also interested in finding good candidates for their positions. A match occurs when both the individual and the institution indicate an identical preference or rank regarding internship or residency candidacy. 

Our students are eligible to participate in the matching programs of both the National Matching Service (NMS) for AOA-accredited programs and the National Residency Match Program (NRMP) for ACGME-accredited programs.  

Military students must participate in the military residency match program. Students interested in ophthalmology participate in the San Francisco Match. 

How to Apply for Residencies

Step 1. Submit the following to KCU Registrar:  

Step 2. Upload the following to the MSPE database for review:

  • Personal statement 
  • CV 

Step 3. Complete ERAS Application

ERAS is an online application service designed to assist you with the transmission of application data. The majority of programs only accept applications through ERAS. There may be a few programs that use independent applications. Check a program's website to confirm its preferred method of application.  

Learn more about ERAS, including required documents, deadlines and fees.  

Step 4. Register for the NRMP

The NRMP is for matching all medical students to ACGME-accredited programs.

Download a complete guide to residency match While KCU-COM students have historically been very successful in securing a Residency Match, not all students Match in the initial phase of the process and, therefore, must engage in post-Match programs.